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Kody Swenson
April 19, 2023.
I came today to get the acne facial as I am having post-birth control hormonal acne plus purging from retinol. I actually feel like I made improvement today because of this facial as my pores feel so clean and my skin does not feel congested anymore! I feel like I am adding another item to get on the right track into healing my skin. Planning to go again for another round in a few weeks! So far 10/10!
Lauren S.
May 13, 2022.
I've been looking for a new esthetician ever since I moved to the area. Sindhu did amazing with my back. The table was a bit uncomfortable, but that was the only downside about it. She did a really great job, and it was the most therapeutic back facial I've had before. Usually it's just a lot of pain with extractions, but she made it a positive experience. I will come again to see her.
Megan Irizarry
April 25, 2022.
I found Ritzy Skin through Instagram after searching down a hole of other specialists. I was getting sick and tired of having constant acne, red rough patches, bumpy, oily skin. I was fed up seriously thought that in order to have better skin I was going to have to see a dermatologist but my mom convinced me to try an esthetician first to see if that helps. I came across Ritzy saw that Sindhu was a woman owned business on Instagram, started looking into reviews and people were raving about her! Seemed like a good business to try and she was local to me. Y’all I’m so glad I gave her business a try!!! Went in for my first appointment and she was so kind, very informative telling me the steps and her process throughout my first facial with her. The facial itself was calming, relaxing, she checked in consistently and the products she used smelt and felt amazing. I came in thinking my skin was awful, oily and a complete lost cause but Sindhu was like no it’s definitely not a lost cause, your skin isn’t oily it’s actually very dry and irritated which is why it was oily. I was shocked everything I thought I knew about my skin was wrong and she had great explanations on everything. She was patient with my questions. She listened to what I was using and recommended better replacements for some of those products and gave me a better face wash routine that fit my skin. Her product recommendations were in a very fair price range some even cheaper than what I was already using and plus I wasn’t seeing progress with what I was using and decided to trust her knowledge and purchase what she told me too. I want to emphasize that Sindhu didn’t push for me to buy them just kindly explained why she preferred the products, how they would help and never made me feel like I had to get the them. She also in no way benefitted from me buying the products because she didn’t sell them herself. It was all suggested to better help my skin which meant a lot to me and showed she truly wants healthy skin for her patients. After receiving the products from Sephora and taking her advice on my face routine, I’ve now used them for a week and OMG the difference. I wish you could see a side by side photo of my face because holy COW. I still have acne because it’s only been a week but I’m on my period and typically I have tremendous outbreaks but right now I have a few here or there but mostly my skin is smooth, it looks hydrated, it’s glowing but not oily. The texture has started to go down and rough patches I had are also smoothing out. I can’t thank her enough. I seriously would cry over my acne and face and now I’m confident that my skin can get better. I’m excited about my skin journey and looking forward to more facials with Sindhu!
Pavithra Kumar
March 21, 2022.
Sindhu is amazing! I've been using her facial services for months now, and she exceeds my expectations every single time. She is thorough, patient and really good at what she does! She also takes the time to explain exactly what she will be doing every single visit, leaving me with a better understanding of the condition of my skin and will also gladly suggest any required changes to my skin care routine (upon request). I highly recommend her to anyone seeking facials in the Austin Met. area!
Melanie Clary
February 6, 2022.
Do yourself a favor and book an appointment TODAY. At Ritzy Skin Studio, they really take their time with your skin, making sure to address concerns at a pace that doesn’t feel overwhelming. I look forward to my appointments and my skin feels & looks better than it has in a long time. Nothing but positive feedback from this happy client!
Brooke Nguyen
January 30, 2022.
Wonderful experience. Will be a monthly occurrence from now on!
Devika K.
January 13, 2022.
I cannot recommend Ritzy Skin Studio enough. It exceeded my expectations in every way. After I saw amazing improvements in just one visit, the Ritzy Skin Studio will be monthly habit for me. The price is extremely fair for Sindhu’s expertise and the experience she provides. Trusting her and the process was the best thing I did for my skin!!
ashley crofts
November 19, 2021.
Ritzy Skin is Amazing! She listened to my concerns, gave me a fantastic facial, and answered all my questions thoroughly. The Pflugerville Facialist is 5 stars in my book!
Ritzy Skin Studio
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Penny Cuesta Larussa
Penny Cuesta Larussa
03:09 04 Oct 23
A good clinical facial can be life-changing with an experienced skincare professional. I rely on my aesthetician to... have the right tools and the best professional products available to give me excellent results. Everyone, at least once, should experience the luxury of a facial, and for that, I recommend Sindhu at her Ritzy Skin Studio because she is amazing.

Sindhu is a licensed esthetician with a clean and relaxing environment to provide you with the best options for your skincare treatment. But if you're looking for great results visit her at Ritzy Skin Studio located at 15901 Central Commerce Dr. Suite 402 in Pflugerville, call for an appointment at (512) 670-8178.
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Madison Davis
Madison Davis
23:21 04 Feb 22
I had my first facial here and it was amazing. Sindhu was very knowledgeable about skin products and helped me learn... what would be best for my skin. The facial itself was also wonderful!read more
Ashley White
Ashley White
02:03 02 Nov 21
Knowledgeable on skincare! Would reccomend!
Kayla Ruleaux
Kayla Ruleaux
14:47 19 Oct 21
My experience was so nice! She was attentive and listened to all my needs. I loved that she offered a go forward plan... to figure out what could help my skin leading up to my wedding. I immediately referred a friend over as well. Exciting to have someone so nice so close to me!read more
Jacqueline Nguyen
Jacqueline Nguyen
01:08 23 Jul 21
I have had a few facials, and this one was one of the best. She checked in with me throughout the process and explained... what she was doing. All her products smelled great and she was great to work with!read more
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